Need help adapting your business to the new normal?

As times are changing, we all need to adapt to working in different environments, quickly reacting to new circumstances and making sure your customers are still served in the best possible way.

Whether you are trying to build your emails more efficiently, learn how to incorporate recent changes in your customers’ preferences, or you are after a more seamless, automated way of exchanging customer data, Mapp’s Client Technical Services team is here to help you achieve it.

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Here’s how the Client Technical Services Team can help:


Content Management System

We can build a tailored CMS based on your company’s specific requirements. Once created, the CMS will significantly reduce the time you spend building your marketing messages. Without the need for HTML coding, you'll be able to simply drag and drop relevant blocks to define your content. Speed is especially important today with the need to react fast to the ever-changing situation.


Preference Centre

Your customers’ preferences might be affected or changed as a result of current conditions. Make sure you are collecting their latest preferences and personalising the content to reflect these changes. Our team can build new or update existing preference centres in order to support you with providing most relevant and engaging content to your customers.


Abandoned Basket

Are you taking advantage of abandoned purchases follow ups, especially now that purchase decisions might be affected or taking a slightly different path? Research has clearly shown the effectiveness of abandoned basket emails in recovering these lost sales. Send personalised follow up messages with product details and images, define best time and frequency of emails being sent, and use it to reassure customers about current delivery options.


Transactional Messages

We can help you set up new transactional messages workflows or review existing ones. In the current situation, it is more important than ever to provide timely and relevant information to your customers. Whether there are order issues, shipping delays, or special promotions, keep your customer’s trust and maintain your reputation.


Salesforce Connector

Use our Salesforce connector to keep your contacts between Salesforce and Mapp Engage in sync without any manual effort. Store and analyse the unified, synchronized data from within Mapp Engage, based on your own selection of data attributes. Trigger automated marketing messages along the customer journey using Salesforce events or data.



Zapier Connector

The new Zapier Connector allows you to integrate your marketing technology stack with Mapp Cloud. Zapier supports more than 2,000 software platforms. Mapp Cloud integrates with apps on Zapier, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, making it the easiest way to import data from anywhere and automate your marketing.

MAPP'S Client Technical Services Team:

Whether you’d like some guidance or need help setting up bespoke projects, we are happy to find the best ways of supporting you right now.

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