Make Sure You Land in the Inbox

You spend time on creating eye-catching creatives, super-segmented data, trials, testing, personalization, and performance, but what if your email never makes it to the recipient’s inbox?  Then all that work was for nothing. Improve your email deliverability and see your campaign performance improve!


Let us help you!

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Here’s how Mapp's Deliverability Services can help:


Guided Onboarding

Before you can send higher volumes through new IP addresses, building a good reputation is crucial. The Email Deliverability Team will guide you through the “warm up period” with a tailored plan.  We help build the best possible IP reputation for your business avoid delivery issues in the future.


Expert Consulting

You’re assigned a Deliverability Specialist who will audit your email program from providing training to supporting ongoing email campaigns. Our services take the guesswork out of email marketing and maximize Inbox Placement Rate (IPR).


Monthly Reports

Stay informed about your evolving email program with the help of monthly performance reporting. Focus on KPIs that matter and detect early warning signs to better avoid issues leading decreased inboxing. We provide feedback and suggestions alongside relevant updates in the email industry to ensure you’re informed about trends and keep abreast of emerging changes in law that could impact your campaigns. Your email marketing operation have the data to always be optimized.


10-Step Checklist for Email Success

The success of your email marketing campaign depends heavily on good deliverability. If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a massive waste of resources. We created a list of “must-do’s” to ensure your email marketing gets kick-ass results.


Want to Stand Out Even More?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is seen as a trust seal to associate brands with their emails by displaying their company logo as a sender icon in the consumers mailboxes. Recipients not only identify your mail quickly in their inboxes, they also know that your message is an authentic, trusted communication from your side. 



Mapp has a global team with Email Deliverability Experts in major regions.

We are ready to optimize your email programs today!

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