Mapp's insight-led approach is specifically aimed at marketers across consumer-facing industries. Mapp Cloud combines first-party data with artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that let you connect with consumers along their journey with your brand.

With our solution, marketers can benefit from:

  • Powerful Analytics and AI engine
  • Unified Customer Data
  • Hyper-personalized messaging
  • Cross-channel customer engagement
  • Extensive tech integrations list

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Trusted by more than 10,000 marketers globally

Driving revenue through effective marketing

Marketers need a smarter, easier way to handle their daily tasks. We make it easy to deliver effective cross-channel campaigns, so you are free to focus on achieving your business objectives. Our real-time insights will guide your customer engagement and content strategies.

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Key benefits

Our AI-driven solution automatically monitors all relevant metrics and dimensions of your campaigns and alerts stakeholders as soon as any unusual activity occurs. Make informed decisions based on all the relevant data from the customer’s journey with your brand. AI then predicts the customer’s likelihood to convert or churn, as well as their expected next order value.

Collect your own first-party data in real time. Capture behavioral and transactional data across your website and mobile apps with advanced data capture tools. All your data will be unified in Mapp’s customer data platform (CDP) and enriched with your first-, second-, and third-party data. With a converged data hub, you’ll have access to a 360-degree profile of individual customers. Know your customers – their interests, preferences, online and offline behavior – and use that data to plan and execute personalized marketing efforts.

Mapp recommends the best products and discounts based on historical and real-time data, including behavior, segmentation, data modeling, and predictions supported by AI. On your website, display content based on previous purchase history, as well as viewed products across multiple visits and interactions. Easily create engaging and interactive content without the clutter of traditional editors. Mapp offers drag-and-drop CMS blocks and customizable design templates to streamline content creation.

Create segmented audiences with very targeted data points generated by Mapp’s robust analytics. Go beyond generic filtering criteria and use web behavior, app usage, and other granular consumer behaviors and attributes. Create campaigns, with multiple branches and A/B versions, to target your known customers in a fraction of the time with our drag-and-drop editor. Personalize your customer’s experience, whether they’re a first-time visitor or return customer, by engaging them with relevant pop ups, overlays, product recommendations etc...

Mapp’s Open Marketing Platform allows you to create custom integrations with a simple API call and include external systems in automation workflows to trigger a variety of marketing events. Mapp Cloud can integrate with virtually any other solution to realize use cases that go beyond native functionality. Data Feeds bring you reliable, accurate, and fast data imports. Create a new feed to power recurring, completely automated user data imports, from transactional data to location data (and many other data types).

Proven 540% ROI

The cost of Mapp Cloud is directly linked to the value we generate for your organization. Pricing is aimed at maximising return. We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study who found customers achieve 540% ROI with Mapp Cloud. Download the full study below.

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Key Capabilities

Mapp delivers enterprise level customer engagement underpinned by rich analytics and actionable insights. Explore the key features of Mapp Cloud.

Rely on first party DATA that is privacy compliant 

Mapp Cloud makes your data understandable, accessible, and actionable by unifying all your incoming data into a single, comprehensive customer view.

Know your customers better

With Mapp’s powerful analytics capabilities, you can dig deeper into your data than ever before to provide the most accurate prediction of what your customers are going to do next. While complying with GDPR & Data Privacy regulations, of course.

Boost Customer Engagement

Mapp Cloud helps you enhance customer engagement through a rich cross-channel marketing platform, empowering you to be where your consumer is.

Send unique messages

Mapp Cloud helps you create personalized communications based on who your customers are and what they want, making sure that every touchpoint brings them one step closer to action.


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In a world where real-time data is key, marketers need to rely on solutions that connect the dots to activate powerful automation and personalize the entire customer journey.

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