What is Strategic Data Consulting?
Making your data work harder for you

Turn data into information and information into actionable insights. It’s all about understanding what the data means in order to optimize your current marketing programs and better align them with your business goals.

Our team of data experts, based in Germany and the UK, work with Mapp customers to help them get more out of their data in our systems – and their systems – to drive better marketing.

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Implementation of tracking, analytics, and dashboards


Expertise to understand and derive actions from insights in the data so your company can hit its goals


Deep technical know-how on all aspects of data integration, transfer, and refinement

A flexible approach

We partner with your company to create a tailored strategy. ​We review and analyze the data first and, once we have some insight, work together with you to define next steps.

We approach engagements as a series of sprints, delivering basic information initially, then refining it based on needs and learnings. We use anonymized, cross-customer trends, to build models for individual customers. For example, email performance dashboards showing comparatives at an industry level. Once completed, we provide ongoing reporting to ensure you and your data are always at peak performance.

Fancy an email marketing tip from Strategic Data Consulting?

Focus more on the individual user performance and the user base instead of only looking at email performance on a message level. WHY?

  • Message-level statistics show only averages which throw high and low performing users into one pot
  • Most of the time, the targeting of the messages is not being reflected when evaluating/ comparing message performance
  • Once you look at the data from a user-centric perspective, you can uncover segments with low, medium or high performing users within your user base.

Actions you can take from there:

  • More targeted email marketing approach instead of mass send outs
  • Specific reactivation campaigns to reactivate users that show no or low engagement­­­
  • Data cleansing to deactivate frequent bouncers or “dead” users
  • Lead-generation campaign to acquire fresh users to your user base

Targeting users based on their actual behavior will not only increase overall email performance (also on a message level) but will also enable you to stop sending emails to “dead” segments, thereby saving money.

Mapp’s Strategic Data Consulting

can assist you with gaining actionable insights from your data, collecting more valuable data or cleansing your user database.


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