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There is so much happening in the world at the moment. So there’s no such thing as knowing too much or being too informed in order to keep up. The key is to learn as much as we can and embrace the strategy of marginal gains: implementing small, incremental improvements to our marketing tactics to see real results.


Mapp recommends a 4-step strategic journey for better performance. It’s a cyclical process of reviewing, engaging, improving, building data, and reviewing again to start and continue to improve and innovate.


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1. Competitor Analysis

Benefit from a detailed review of your own and your competitors email strategies with Mapp’s Competitive Email Analysis Service. The report provides insight on a variety of data sets (see below) to optimize your email strategy. At this critical time, it’s important to know what is and isn’t working in your industry.



  • Subject line and creative analysis
  • Mailing counts, volumes, and inbox performance
  • Read, open, and deletion rates
  • Best and worst performing campaign detail
  • Send frequency/ cadence statistics
  • Competitor audience overlaps
  • Who else is emailing your audience and when?




  • Make your emails stand out in the recipient’s inbox
  • Find out what the most compelling offers are in the industry
  • Discover what percentage of your customer base receives emails from competitors
  • Find out which other brands are emailing you target audience
  • Avoid your audiences busiest days of the week
  • Fully GDPR compliant


2. Customer Journey Analysis

Analyze the customer journey to find the quickest paths to conversion and areas for improvement. Uncover the most engaged users with touchpoints in order to create personalized communications when it’s most effective.


Our audit includes:

  • Objectives and full website usability review
  • Full customer journey review (includes PPC, website, landing pages and social media)
  • Product page reviews
  • Checkout process and lifecycle reviews
  • Lifecycle program review, including any retention and loyalty programs that may be in place
  • Newsletter and retention program review (including frequency and content)
  • Email & display creative design and copy (promotional and transactional) review
  • Personalization and segmentation review
  • Testing program review
  • Analytics and metrics review


  • Achieve increased conversions: Accelerates your marketing and onsite results and provides inspiration and direction.
  • Reveal missed opportunities:Identifies strategies and tactics you may be missing out on or benefitting from.
  • Quick wins for immediate ROI: Often small, easy-to-implement tactics can achieve great results – it’s just a matter of identifying them.
  • Independent expert insight: Boosts your knowledge with the review of an expert who will look through your program with fresh, highly experienced eyes.
  • Creates medium- and long-term goals: Work with your Mapp AM to continue to test and implement observed updates and changes over time.


3. Creative Reviews

Measurement of digital advertising is increasingly focused on media: which platform, which channel, demographics, etc. All are very important metrics of course, but 20-30% of investment and 47% of outcome is from content. Without including content, your attribution model could be missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Creative is key, both as an optimization lever and for measurement. It should be used to generate learnings and pushed forward as a key driver of marketing outcome.


A creative review includes:

  • Media auditing
  • Data modelling
  • Creative/content strategy
  • Programmatic buying advice
  • Attribution channel review
  • Cross channel planning
  • Targeting and testing
  • Clear objectives and outcomes to test and implement

Answer these questions:

  • How are your creatives really working across multiple channels?
  • Can your ad spend can be reduced if your ads are optimized, targeted or personalized to perform better?
  • Do you have a robust A/B testing process in place?

4. Fresh Data

Build a fresh and engaged audience of “first-party prospects,” nurtured with dynamic, personalised campaigns. Mapp’s Campaign Management Team can build all of your creatives, overlays, pop-ups, banners, emails, landing pages, reports, and anything else you might need to grow your prospect database.


Mapp’s industry-leading technology and team of experts can build these learnings into tactical projects with clear objectives, so we can work together to achieve tangible business outcomes.

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